Reef Renaissance Film Festival

The 4th Annual Reef Renaissance Film Festival will feature works by some of the world's leading underwater filmmakers.


When it comes to going to the bottom, Howard and Michele Hall are the tops. Their IMAX and 3D films represent just a fraction of the work that has been amazing international audiences for decades. We are proud to screen a selection from their Seasons of the Sea.


The people at Dos Equis got it wrong. Leandro Blanco is the most interesting man in the world. A selection of his documentary shorts will be featured as the 4th Annual Reef Renaissance Film Festival.


This will be the world premiere of the Festival Cut of Bethlehem in the Bohol Sea, by documentary producer Paul Cater Deaton. It shows why the Philippines are famous for some of the greatest concentrations of marine life in the world.


Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Jonathan Bird, has sent The Mayan Underworlda new episode from his PBS series, Jonathan Bird's Blue World. Jonathan is also lead guitar and vocalist for The Wetsuits.


The Living Infinite is Nancy McGee's contribution to the festival. Nancy is an educator and explorer, based in Dallas. She created this film with several of her students, and it has received raves at film festivals and shows across the country.


Filmmaker Evan Sherman's contribution is Bali Close Up, a breathtaking look at some of the more dazzling residents of the waters of Indonesia.


 Aquarium of the World is the festival's presentation by the Canadian documentary duo of Michel Labrecque and Julie Ouimet.